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Hardworking. Fair. Caring.
As a family owned and operated recruiting company and a Better Business Bureau approved business we highly value each of our clients. It is always our goal to develop long standing relationships with each company we work with that is built on trust, open communication and great candidates. We know we can only do this if we get you a stellar candidate that then becomes a valuable long standing employee.

The recruiting process begins by us partnering with you to get a detailed understanding of not just each individual job and its job requirements, but also by becoming familiar with your company and what you value in your culture and environment. We then set out on our search. We do a targeted search in which we carefully screen and qualify all candidates.

Boutique Recruiting

We offer a boutique recruiting experience. What do we mean by this? Just as you would get personalized, one on one advice, customer service, and expert knowledge in any boutique store, that is what we will bring to your recruiting experience. You probably don't work just a 40 hour work week to achieve the level of success that you desire, and we don't either. We want to support you and are willing to commit to you and your candidate searches to the same extent you are. (In some of the more high priority searches this entitles you to 24/7 access to us.) We only work with select clients that we feel will value and appreciate our ethics, hard work, and detailed consideration we will bring to this experience. We know you are asking why we would turn away clients that would bring revenue in? Because revenue is not our bottom line, relationships are. Our governing principle is "positive actions begets positive results", and through those relationships the revenue will follow....for both of us.