Testimonials / Candidates Send to a Friend

"I have never worked with a recruiting company that actually really truly cared for the candidate as well as the company they were recruiting for."
K. Edmonds

"A very professional staff, indeed I think they are the best firm I have worked with so far."
L. Armani

"All of the high praise that I have and will give the company are directly attributable to Jill Osterhout."
K. Edmonds

"Good morning, I just wanted to take this moment to thank all of you for the confidence you bestowed in me, in being able to prepare for this interview and land the position. Your professionalism is way beyond anyone's expectations, your guidance and communication thru this process, has been nothing but the best. For that I wish to thank you and your team for all your guidance professionalism. If it were not for all of you, I'd still be jumping from headhunter to headhunter wish on a miracle of new employment. "
Nellie B.

"Had an excellent experience with Ryan and Alyssa! Good people! "
D. Noble

I had been looking for employment for a year and worked with many recruiters and KCO is by far the most professional – responsive and honest.They were also concerned about ME being happy with the position unlike many of the others. They coached me and made sure I was completely ready for the interview. This was not what I was used to with other recruiters so kudos to you!


A. Mule

"I have never met a company as helpful and determined as yours. It really is a great feeling working with you."
H. Longe

"I have not worked with other agencies before, but this is where the bar is set now in my mind and I would hate to deal with an organization who isn’t as friendly as yours was for me."
Jason C.

"I just want to say thanks for your professionalism, effort, and understanding with my situation. KCO Resource Management has been the best Employment Agency I have dealt with to date. Jill and Travis you did a great job! "
Tim P.

"I will definitely recommend KCO to anyone looking for a job."
B. Nyamweya

"Jill starts off every conversation putting you at ease and provided the right amount of information."
V. Parrella

"Jill was excellent to work with right from the first phone call until the final phone call. She helped me through every step with the upmost professionalism and kindness. I have never been a huge fan of recruiting companies until I dealt with KCO. Honestly, if it weren't for KCO, I still would not work with other companies. They just do no have the same concerns for their recruits as KCO does."
H. Longe

"Jill was excellent to work with and went above & beyond my expectations."
V. Parrella

"Katie was very helpful and extremely friendly. We developed an excellent working relationship, she showed genuine interest in me as a person and I felt very comfortable dealing with her and your organization."
Jason C.

"KCO kept me informed and they seemed to be honestly engaged in every step of the search process.
The entire exercise felt like I had worked with KCO for a long time. This made me more comfortable about the search."
B. Nyamweya

"Really appreciate the style and class you guys have in a sometimes rather cold profession."
A. Tokar

"Staff is very friendly and honest. Management was transparent in everything they do."
G. Sodhi

"The best part of working with KCO was Jill !  Her Communication, Honesty, Knowledge, Information provided and  Responsiveness."
D. Herman

"They did their research and I was impressed with what they knew about the field I was in."
Jason C.

"This was the best experience I have ever had with a recruiting company."
K. Edmonds

"With all the recruiters that have cluttered my inbox, KCO has been the Gold Standard. Your thoroughness in selecting and prepping the candidates for your client is the Cadillac which other recruiters should aspire to."
T. Pipon