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The true KCO Difference is each client getting the depth and detail of an Executive Level Search on all positions regardless of title or level. If you haven't had the chance to work with us as a client or a candidate then please see what some of our past candidates and clients have to say about us.

Candidate Testimonials
Client Testimonials

When you work with KCO in a Retained Exclusive Search you get more than just a resume submittal, you get a full executive search which includes the following:

  • Candidate Resumes.
  • A summary of the candidate's skills.
  • A completed Prequalification form.
  • A Letter of Interest from the Candidate written specifically to you explaining their interest in this position.
  • A Transcribed Reference
  • A candidate that knows what company they are applying.
  • A candidate that knows where the position is located and is interested in moving there or already lives there.
  • A candidate that fully understands the company's culture, philosophy, job responsibilities and work expectations.
  • A candidate that is very qualified AND very interested in your position.
  • A candidate that thinks your position might be their perfect job!
  • Open and detailed communication between you, KCO and your candidate.
  • Cost of Living comparisons.
  • Salary comps.
  • Travel arrangement assistance.
  • Detailed directions and MapQuest.
  • Help in arranging interviews.
  • Help in making offers.
  • Confirmation of start date.
  • Your perfect candidate.
  • A filled position.